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Elevator Modernization


FIJI Elevator can bring your elevator up to date with modern technology

If not serviced regularly, old elevators can bring unwanted hazards to your business. Bring your elevators up-to-date with our elevator modernization services from FIJI Elevator. We will inspect your existing elevator facilities and determine the best approach to modernize your elevator. All of our parts are manufacturer-grade and comply with current standards. Elevator modernization will not only improve its performance, but extend its life. It also ensures that your elevators run smoothly.

Modernization will enable your elevators run reliably and safely. It will also keep your equipment up-to-date with the latest regulations and safety requirements. No matter who the original manufacturer is, see for yourself how we can make the difference. Whether it is repair, refurbishment or modernization, FIJI Elevator will deliver in a timely manner.

Here at FIJI Elevator we recognize that every building and every vertical transportation system needs catering for a variety of priorities. With this in mind, we take a sensible approach in delivering solutions to suit your individual business needs.


Offering a substantial menu of modernization options, depending on your equipment condition and budget

Discover a more personalized experience

Our exceptional teams are invested in the preventative care of your elevators!


Upgrade your existing elevator with the latest range of elevator products

You want your elevator to be appealing, efficient, and as safe as possible. Giving your elevator an updated appearance on the inside or outside; whether it is the controls, doors or the interior, help maintain its youthfulness and reliability. Modernizing elevators improves efficiency, offers energy saving benefits and gives your equipment a new lease on life.

Most elevator systems are good for no more than 20-30 years before critical components begin to fail, making constant repairs more costly. Give FIJI Elevator a call today for advice on a preventative maintenance plan for your elevators.